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Canvas and Library Integrations

This research guide has instructions about various tools that are integrated between the duPont-Ball Library and Stetson's learning management system, Canvas. This guide also features answers to some frequently asked questions by students and faculty.

Add Library Resources to your Canvas course

What are Libguides?

A libguide is a web based content management and publishing resource the library uses to create online guides focusing on subject areas, specific courses or assignments, and general topics. These online guides are aimed at helping students find the best resources for an assignment, course, or subject.

Research Guides are a specific type of guide we curate to provide discipline-specific insight into library collections and include guidelines on using databases and other resources.

You can now seamlessly integrate these online resources into Canvas in a variety of ways: As an entire LibGuide, a single page or even a specific content box that's already built on a LibGuide, allowing you to select and integrate library resources in whatever way you choose within your courses.

*Explore our extensive collection of Research Guides* and add a link to your syllabus or Canvas course:
  • Research guides by Subject
  • Special Topics such as How to Cite, Government Info, Statistics, etc.
  • Custom course specific research guides
  • Add a single page with multiple links to library resources

Add a LibGuide, LibGuide page, or LibGuide box in Canvas

There are 3 ways you can add LibGuide content within Canvas:

1. From the Tools menu:

adding libguide content from Tools menu

2. From the Plug menu:

adding libguide content from the plug menu

3. From the Commons. Note that you must search Commons by typing "duPont-Ball Library".

Using any of these methods, add LibGuide content:

  • Choose if you want an entire guide, a page, or a box. (These screenshots show how to add an individual box, and the steps are same after choosing.)

add a libguide


  • Next, select your guide. All guides are listed alphabetically, and note that you can begin typing the first couple of words to filter your selection.

adding the guide name


  • Next, select the page of the guide to include the full page, or to select an individual box.

selecting the guide page name

  • Then choose the box name and embed.

selecting the box name

  • Students will see a hyperlink on the page where you have embedded the link. When the link is clicked the guide, the page, or the box appear within the Canvas page so your student is not navigating outside the Canvas platform. (Depending on the size of the browser page, content may stack. An enlarged browser page or minimized view will enable all the content to appear.)

APA style box appears once the link is selected

An alternative to adding very specific library information is to add a general one-page resource listing displayed in the box below. Or, find the nicely formatted version in the Commons area by searching "duPont-Ball Library."

Library Resources

duPont-Ball Library logo

Frequently used Research Resources from the duPont-Ball Library

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.