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Canvas and Library Integrations

This research guide has instructions about various tools that are integrated between the duPont-Ball Library and Stetson's learning management system, Canvas. This guide also features answers to some frequently asked questions by students and faculty.

How do I know if I can share an eBook with my entire class?

Different titles of eBooks come with different licensing arrangements. Some are limited to 1-5 concurrent users, while others are unlimited. If you plan to use an eBook in class, be sure to check out the limitation on numbers of concurrent users. Here are 2 examples (Ebsco eBooks and eBookCentral). Once you have found a title in the duPont-Ball catalog, click the title or "view book" and search for availability or concurrent users. Keep in mind, also, that various providers offer different permissions for the number of pages that may be downloaded or printed.

eBook Central:

Gif of 2 screenshots within eBook Central

Ebsco eBook:

Gif showing two screenshots for Ebsco eBooks

Downloading EBSCO eBook Content

These instructions will guide you in downloading a portion of an eBook. To download an entire eBook, please see this guide.

1. From the eBook's entry in OneSearch, tap on View eBook:

View eBook button on EBSCO eBook

2. Open the detailed page view and scroll down to Table of Contents. Tap the + to expand the chapters.

Table of Contents in EBSCO ebook

3. Select the chapter you would like to download. Note the highlighted area where the page limit is noted. When ready, select the download icon.

Contents of EBSCO ebook

4. Confirm your download and extend the page length, if desired. Tap the blue download button.

EBSCO eBook download confirmation

Create a "My EBSCOhost" account and an Adobe ID

In order to download an EBSCO ebook, you must sign into to your  "My EBSCOhost" account.  This should be similar to logging into your Stetson account.  You can use the same userid and password.


Second, you may need to create an Adobe ID if you don't already have one. The Adobe ID is required for Full Download of the ebook.

Links in Ebook Central

In Ebook Central you can link to a book or to a particular page in the book.

Ebook Central interface with share link outlined

Link to a page in the book. Use this option if you want to connect to a chapter.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.