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OneSearch: How to use it

Search tips for OneSearch

Searching for books, DVDs, scores, and more with OneSearch

This page is a step-by-step tutorial for using OneSearch. See below for instructions on searching OneSearch, and use the tabs on the left-hand side of the page to see instructions for accessing and saving sources and using your account.

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a "discovery tool" which searches multiple databases at the same time to help you find books, articles, music, and more. A default search in OneSearch searches content in Worldcat, Academic Search Complete, and ProQuest Research Library. 

Library website - OneSearch seach box

Filtering Search Results

Here's an image of the search results screen. In the example below, a search for Twitter pulls up 280,560 results. Use the panel on the left-hand side to filter results by format, author, year, language, topic, and more. You can also narrow results down by adding additional search terms in Advanced Search.

One filter is labeled Search in these Libraries. The default setting searches Libraries Worldwide, meaning search results will include content that is held by the duPont-Ball Library as well as content that we do not have. If you'd only like to see content that the library has, change the setting to Stetson University. 

Many items include a description underneath the title. Click on Show More to view the full description without leaving the search results page. 

one search results screen

Advanced Search

Here's an image of the Advanced Search screen, and some tips for using it.

  • The Search Index allows you to tell OneSearch whether you want to find items that list your Search Term as a keyword, subject, author, title, or something else.
  • If you'd like to search for multiple Search Terms at once, enter each one into a different Search Term box. If you need more boxes, click on Add row.
  • Use the Operator drop-down box to define the relationship between each of your Search Terms. The 3 operators are: AND, OR, NOT. Use AND to tell OneSearch that you'd like to find items that contain both of your Search Terms. Use OR to tell it that you'd like to find all items that contain either of your Search Terms. Use NOT if you don't want to see items that contain a specific Search Term.
  • Below Search Tools you have the option of filtering results by peer-reviewed articles, format, year, and more.
  • Use the Databases menu on the right-hand side of the page to choose the databases you'd like to include in your search. A default search in OneSearch searches WorldCat, Academic Search Complete, and ProQuest Research Library. Scroll down to All Databases to choose from 24 databases to include in your search results.

OneSearch Advanced Search screen

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