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How to use the library's OneSearch research tool

Signing In

Sign in to OneSearch to gain access to personalized features. 

Stetson students and employees can Login with Stetson username and password (same credentials you use for My Stetson, email, etc.). All other library users can Login with your library card number.

Stetson students and employees can use either login, but any lists or saved searches will only appear in the account you were in when you added them.

Once you've logged in, your name should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on your name to open a drop-down menu that allows you to take any of the following actions: view My Account, Import My Lists, view My Personal Lists, or My Saved Searches, or Sign Out.

My Account

Click on My Account to view your Checkouts, Holds, and Charges, or to change your password. You can also Renew your checkouts from this screen.


Use Lists to save a list of items that you find in OneSearch.

Step 1.

The first image below shows an item in the search results. When you find an item you'd like to save to a list, click on SaveThen go to My Items to see all items that you've saved.

Step 2.

After clicking on My Items, you'll have an opportunity to Create a List. To do this, check the box next to each item you'd like to put on a list. You can also check Select All to move all items to a list. Then, click on the button labeled Create a ListYou can also Email, Cite, Move, or Delete items that you've saved.


Step 3.

Name your list and add a description. Hit the Save button when you're finished. You've just finished creating your first list.

Step 4.

When you want to return to your list, log in again with the same username and password that you used to make the list. Click on your name in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, then click on My Personal Lists to see all lists that you've created.

Saving Searches

Use your account to save searches that you might like to revisit. Saving a search is easy and will save all of the keywords/search terms and filters that you used in your search.

Step 1. If you'd like to save a search, first sign in to your account and do a search. A link labeled Save this search should now appear at the top of the Search Tools panel. Click on this link to save your search.

Step 2.

In the dialog box that appears, confirm that you'd like to save your search by clicking Save.

Step 3.

To return to your saved search, click on My Saved Searches in the drop-down box under your name in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 4.

Find the search you'd like to revisit in your list of saved searches. Simply click on the Search button next to your search to go back to the search results page.

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