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Database Accessibility

A guide to library databases regarding accessibility

Gale Platform Accessibility Features

The Gale platform accessibility features and benefits include:

  • Navigational Consistency: Consistent structural elements such as logical headings, landmarks and labels facilitate navigation with keyboard and assistive technology such as screen readers.
  • Skip-Navigation Links: Consistent skip-navigation links through the Gale unified platform experience to support navigation for all learners.
  • Descriptive Page Titles: Helps learners quickly understand the contents of a page.
  • Adjustable Text Size: Allows learners to change the text size of periodical HTML full-text documents for increased visibility. The text size persists throughout the user’s session. Resources also support browser resizing.
  • Font: Use of larger default font sizes and fonts well known to improve readability.
  • Text-to-Speech: Greater prominence for Readspeaker text-to-speech technology for periodical HTML full-text articles.
  • Optimized screen width and optimal contrast ratios: Facilitates a better experience when reading on screen. 
  • Options to display on-screen or download OCR plain text of historical archive documents
  • Platform Consolidation and Consistent Experience: Empowers greater agility in maintaining and improving accessibility of Gale resources long-term.

Using the Tool Menu

GALE databases are equipped with several tools to help you better interact with the text.

  • The Translate tool lets you translate the document into 40 different languages
  • The Font Size tool allows you to increase or decrease the document's font size. The change will persist throughout your session.
  • The Display Options tool allows you to change background colors, font, line, letter, and word spacing.
  • The Listen tool provides text-to-speech audio. The text will be highlighted as the content is read aloud. You can also download an MP3 for future listening.

The tool menu is highlighted in the screenshot below:


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