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Conversion Station Tutorial (Innovation Lab)

Guide to using the DVD burning capabilities of the conversion station in the Innovation lab.

Honestech Software with Vidbox

Getting Started

First, launch the VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe Software on the PC. It's the yellow icon with a VHS tape in it. A window like the one seen below should pop up.

For a straight conversion, click 'Easy Wizard Mode'.

Choosing a Format

Now you have to choose between 'Burn video to DVD' and 'Save as media file'. The first choice will automatically burn your media to a single disc, while the second will save your media as a .mpg file. The steps are very similar for the two methods; if just depends on what you want out of the conversion. Make your choice.

(BURN TO DISC ONLY) Choose your DVD drive

If you selected 'Burn video to DVD', you must choose a DVD writer. If you selected 'Save as media file' you may proceed to the next box.

There are two DVD writers on the machine. D: HP is the standalone drive sitting on the desk. E:PLDS is the disc drive of the PC below the table. Select your preferred drive from the dropdown menu.

Once you have chosen a writer, insert your blank DVD into it.

When Windows prompts you that it has recognized the DVD, you may proceed.

Prepping for Conversion

You will now be prompted to choose the type of device from which you will be recording. For VHS tapes, select the 'VCR' icon. This will be the FUNAI VHS/DVD combo.

You will then need to click 'RCA (Composite)'

The next window will display a diagram on hwo to connect up all the hardware. The RCA cables should be connected from your device to the front of the VidBox, and the VidBox should be connected to the PC via USB cable. Usually, the hardware should already be set up this way. If everything is connected correctly, press the >> button to continue.

Record Settings

Now you must configure the settings for the recording. If you know the length of your video, use the slider to mark how long it is.

IF YOU SELECTED 'Save as Media File', you may choose the file location from this screen. If you selected 'Burn to DVD' you will not see this option.

Recording the Video

Make sure that your video is at the correct spot you wish to record from, and press Play on your device, and then Record on the software.

The viewer in the software should mirror what's happening on your playback device.

If you want to stop the video before the duration is complete, simply press Stop.

Finishing Up


When the recording stops for any reason (time is up, manual intervention) you will be prompted to burn the DVD. The program will automatically burn and finalize the DVD, and eject it when the process is over. No further steps are required.


When the video is finished recording, the folder containing your .mpg file will open automatically.

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