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Conversion Station Tutorial (Innovation Lab)

Guide to using the DVD burning capabilities of the conversion station in the Innovation lab.

Conversion Station

Turn On the Devices

Make sure that when it is done 'waking up', the FUNAI reads 'L2'.

Connect the Hardware

If you want to record from a VHS, simply insert the VHS into the VCR component.

If the device from which you are recording has female RCA ports for output, connect the cable sitting on the desk to them (see below).

Switch source to 'DVD'

Pressing the 'Source' button on the front of the machine will switch its focus to the DVD side. Make sure that the green indicator light is lit up under the label DVD to the right of the button.

Insert DVD

Open the DVD tray and insert your blank DVD. Then close the tray.

Press 'Dubbing' to Set Conversion Mode

The DUBBING button located on the front of the machine is what allows you to transfer from one format to another. Press the DUBBING button to enter conversion mode. Then, press Play on the media you want to convert.

Finishing the DVD

You must let your media play in full. When it is done, press the STOP button on the VCR. If the media exceeds 120 minutes, the DVD will stop automatically when full.

Once your media is done playing, DO NOT REMOVE THE DVD FROM THE TRAY. Instead, press the 'SETUP' button on the FUNAI remote, navigate to 'DVD Menu', and select 'FINALIZE'. This will finalize the burning of the DVD so that it can be played on other devices. It may take a couple minutes.

When this process is complete, the DVD can be removed. Don't forget to label it!

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