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Conversion Station Tutorial (Innovation Lab)

Guide to using the DVD burning capabilities of the conversion station in the Innovation lab.


Placing Your Item on the Scanner

Open the scanner cover. Make sure the document mat is installed inside the cover.

a. Document Mat

Place your document or photo face down on the document table. Make sure the top of the document or photo is against the upper right corner of the document table, next to the arrow mark.

Close the scanner cover gently so that your original does not move.

Starting the Scanner Software

Make sure the scanner is turned on. Then click on the 'EPSON Scan' icon to open the software.

You will see the scanner software menu:

Simple Scan

If your scan is relatively straightforward, simply press the 'Scan' button.

The scanner will take a moment to warm up.

You image will be scanned at the default resolution and the resulting image will be saved in the 'Pictures' library, which will be opened for you automatically upon completion of the scan.

Adjusting Scan Settings

If you'd like to have a little more control over your scan, you can click "Customize..." which will open a new menu.

  • Specify Document Type: While full auto will attempt to detect your document type, you can also tell it explicitly whether you're scanning film.
  • Specify Resolution: dpi stands for 'dots per inch'. This setting will affect how densely the scanner samples your subject. For better resolution, choose a higher dpi. The default value for this is 300; this is plenty for most situations. Only choose a higher dpi if you have a specific need for more resolution, e.g. scanning a small object like a postage stamp.
  • Dust Removal/Color Restoration: self-explanatory.
  • Auto Photo Orientation: the software will attempt to automatically orientate your photo.
  • File Save Settings: Choose the save location of the resulting image. Default is the computer's 'Pictures' library.

When you have finished with your custom settings, press 'OK' and proceed with the scan.

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