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Health Sciences

This guide includes resources for Stetson students researching topics in the health sciences.

Use the Library's Journals List to search a specific journal or newspaper

Select the Journals List to search a specific journal or newspaper.

To search a specific journal, enter the journal title, click search. The Journals List provides the library's holdings for the journal title entered. Some titles will be available in various formats (print, in microform, and/or electronically in one or more of the library's databases). Print journals 2011-present are located on the main level near the Reference section arranged alphabetically by title. Older volumes are located in the basement.

To search a journal title in a database, click on the journal title that corresponds to the dates of coverage needed. In cases where a journal is only available in microform ask at the Circulation Desk for assistance.

Is it Peer Reviewed?

Not sure if your article is peer reviewed? Look for these clues:

Author. The author's credentials & institution should be listed. Authors of peer reviewed articles typically have graduate degrees and are a faculty member at a university.

Abstract. Many peer reviewed articles begin with an abstract, which is a paragraph summarizing the research.

Audience. Peer reviewed articles are written for scholars, researchers, & students who are knowledgeable about the topic, and likely use specialized terminology.

Purpose. What is the purpose of the article? Does the author want to support findings of a research project, present a case study, make an argument that is supported by evidence or research, etc.?

References. Peer reviewed articles typically include a bibliography that cites other peer reviewed sources.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.