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DIGA 101: Digital Arts Fundamentals

This guide will assist students in course assignments for DIGI 101: Digital Arts Fundamental.

Welcome, DIGI 101 class!

undefinedWelcome to the research guide for your DIGI 101 course. This guide describes databases and search tools that you can use to find images and information on digital art and artists at the duPont-Ball Library. It also offers search tips and information about library services.

Artist Assignment

Artist Research Assignment – Visualizing Social Medium Artist Writing 

Research one of the artist/writer contributors from Visualizing Social Medium Artist Writing (list of artists below). Write a paper and create a supplementary slideshow of their artwork. 

-   Paper addresses the following:

•  Who is the artist? Where are they from/currently living?

•  What does the work look like and how is it interesting to you?

•  What is their educational background?

•  What concepts is the artist dealing with through their work?

•  How do you think the experience of seeing their work in person would differ from just viewing it in an online format?

•  What type of digital processes do they use? If none, are there any analog processes this artist employs that reminds you of the digital processes you are learning in class?

•  What materials do they use?

•  What type of analog or hand processes do they use?

•  How does their work or art practice relate to one or more of the readings for class?

•  Feeling ambitious? Reach out to your chosen artist and ask them about their art practice, how it has changed during this pandemic and thank them for making their work!

-   Page length: 2-3 pages double spaced.

-   Slideshow: 15 to 20 images with a bibliography slide at the end

-   Each slide should have ONE image labeled with

•  artist’s name

•  artwork title

•  process used

•  materials used

•  exhibition name/ current collection (if you can find this information)

•  citation of where you found the image - MLA format

-   Sources: Minimum of 5 sources.

•  At least 3 will be sourced from Stetson’s Library website.

•  Do not use Wikipedia or a Google image search as a source

-   Bibliographies (MLA format):

•  One bibliography for the paper

•  One bibliography for the slideshow


Mike Kelley

Kay Rosen

Ryan Gander

Yve Lomax

Paul Chan

Tania Bruguera

John Miller

Frances Stark

Glenn Ligon

Caroline Bergvall

Seth Price

Marisa Olson

Tacita Dean

Rasheed Araeen

Coco Fusco

Critical Art Ensemble

Bruce High Quality Foundation

Fia Backström

James Bridle

Takashi Murakami

Slavs and Tatars

Adam Pendleton

Harrell Fletcher

Hito Steyerl

Peter Rostovsky/David Geers

Adrian Piper

Raqs Media Collective


Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Michael Schwab

Pablo Helguera

Koki Tanaka

Mariam Ghani

Renée Green

Mel Chin

Olu Oguibe

Gregg Bordowitz

Emily Jacir

Ashley Hunt

Naeem Mohaiemen

Gregory Sholette

Molly Crabapple

Sener Özmen

Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Juliana Huxtable

Bernadette Corporation

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

Mai-Thu Perret

Jill Magid

Ryan Trecartin

Katrina Palmer

Jayson Musson

Karl Holmqvist

Cally Spooner

Xu Bing

Suzanne Treister

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