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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

This guide was created in February 2017 for participants in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning workshop series.



Tips for making the most of your database searches:

  • To make sure you are getting everything a database has on your topic, try both keyword searching and subject searching in databases that index by subject (not all databases have this).
  • When keyword searching, use quotation marks to search for a phrase. Use an asterisk to truncate your keywords in order to search for multiple forms of a word (ex. educat* would search for education, educate, educator, etc.)
  • When you already have an article, what subject terms have they assigned to your article? What other articles are tagged with these subject terms?
  • Make an account with each database vendor you are using (this is free) for access to additional features such as saving literature to folders, saving your search queries, and setting up email alerts when new content is added to your search query results.
  • Use citation management software to store everything you find in one place and organize it. (My favorite is Zotero.)

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