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The Holocaust

Created in March 2018 for Dr. Kurlander's HIST 331 course. This guide provides links to resources that may be useful in researching topics related to the Holocaust.

Database Search Tips

Use the following tips to expand or limit your search results as needed. These tips should work in most library databases. Some databases have additional or different tips you can try. When you're in a database, look for a link labeled "Help" or "Search Help" for information specific to that database.

searching tips for  too many or too few results

Citation Tracing

When you've found one source on your topic, citation tracing is a great way to find additional sources. Citation tracing refers to both finding the references cited in your source, and finding new sources that have cited your source since its publication. 

1. To find and access the references cited in your source, use the Journals List to check library access for articles and Worldcat to check for books. 

2. To find out which books and articles have cited your source since its publication, copy and paste the title into Google Scholar. Find your source in the list of search results, then look for a link labeled Cited by #. Next to each result, look for a link labeled Find it @ Stetson Library for full-text access. As always, any content that we do not have can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

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