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A quick guide to starting your research in biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

Finding Books on Biology

Biology books can be found in the QH section on the second floor of the library. Many of the books the library owns are now accessible as ebooks, so make sure to check our online catalog in addition to the shelves.

Below is a breakdown of call number ranges by subject subheading:

  • QH 301-705.5: Biology (General)
  • QH 359-425: Evolution
  • QH 426-470: Genetics
  • QH 471-489: Reproduction
  • QH 501-531: Life
      - QH 506: Molecular Biology
  • QH 540-549.5: Ecology
  • QH 573-671: Cytology
  • QH 705-705.5: Economic Biology

OneSearch enables you to search for books, ebooks and articles on your topic. Use the drop-down menu to specify the type of search, i.e. keyword, title, author, or subject. The Libraries Worldwide drop-down allows you to narrow the results to items at Stetson. You can also limit results to books (ebooks and print books). Begin by selecting the Books icon.

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