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Mergent Online: How to use it

Learn how to search the Mergent Suite of Business Databases: Mergent Online, Mergent First Research, Mergent Intellect, and Mergent Key Business Ratios.

Finding industry norms for profitability, solvency and efficiency

Mergent's Key Business Ratios enables you to find profitability, solvency and efficiency ratios by industry and by company. Click 'continue' to arrive at the search navigation page shown below.

Key Business Ratios search page

Finding ratios for a company

  • On the Reports tab, the second option after Industry is Company. Use this area to find a specific company. Use known data about the company. In the search below 'Healthcare Innovations' was entered in the 'Company' field. Next select Search. If the desired company appears in the result display below, check the box and select Submit or Save.
  • Submit invokes a report on that one company, with any available ratio data. Any report can be printed or exported (CSV or PDF) using the Print or Export buttons at the top right of reports.

Comparing a company's ratios to the industry norms

The 'My Financial' tab under Reports enables the business owner to enter financials for the business. The data entered can be used to compare a company's ratio analysis to the industry norms.

Creating customized reports

Ratios tab, Industry view provides a customizable report of various ratio types by industry. Fields which can be specified include Industry (by NAICS or SIC code, using the dropdown pick lists for each), Line of Business, Year and Asset Range. The Business Performance field allows you to select what type of ratios to be displayed (Solvency, Efficiency or Profitability.)


In the Ratios tab, Company display, you can use the SIC and NAICS and Line of Business dropdowns to direct the report or use the Search tool to find an individual company. Click Search and enter known values and then Submit to view ratios for that particular company.

Saving reports

  • The Profile tab allows you to upload and save company data. Enter your Email ID when prompted.
  • To upload company data from a file, first click on the large down arrow marked Click here to download template. A template in .CSV form will be downloaded to your computer. Open this template in Excel or whichever application you would like to use to enter the company data.
  • Use the Mergent Help menu for detailed instructions.

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