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Journal Alerts

Some databases allow you to set up alerts that notify you automatically when a new issue of a journal comes out and include a table of contents or a link to the full text of the articles in that issue.

NewsBank Alerts

NewsBank Alerts-- NewsBank contains the full text (excluding advertisements and illustrations) of articles from hundreds of newspapers worldwide (most articles in English).  You can set up an alert so that links to articles in the latest issue of a newspaper are automatically sent to you.

You will need to set up an account within the NewsBank database.  See Personal Accounts on right-hand side of Welcome screen. You can register for a new account or login to an existing account there.

NewsBank--Setting Up Alerts

To set up an alert so that you receive links to the stories in the latest issue of a newspaper, click on Access World News or one of the sub-divisions under Access World News; then type the name of a specific newspaper in one of the search boxes and change the field to Source.  Click on Search.




Once the results come up, click on Set Up an Alert.      Note that NewsBank does not allow RSS feeds, only email alerts.

Make the choices you wish in setting up the alert and then click on Begin Alert.

NewsBank--Deleting Alerts

If you wish to delete an alert, login to your account in NewsBank.  Click on Access World News or one of the sub-sections of Access World News.  Click on Email Alerts; then click on Delete next to any searches you want to delete.

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