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Journal Alerts

Some databases allow you to set up alerts that notify you automatically when a new issue of a journal comes out and include a table of contents or a link to the full text of the articles in that issue.

Science Direct

Science Direct-- This database focuses on the health and life sciences, but also includes physical sciences and arts and humanities.


·         Click on Register (top right of home page), in order to set up an account.



Science Direct--Setting Up an Alert

For journal alerts, click on Publications and then uncheck any category except Journals.  Find click on any journal title in the list.  You'll then see a list of all the articles from that journal and links to set up an email alert or an RSS feed.   

The resulting list should be only journals.  Click on the one for which you want to set up an alert.


Near the top of the page you should see links to set up an email alert or RSS feed.  Further down the page you should see a list of all the available articles in that journal.

Science Direct--Deleting Alerts or Feeds

To delete an alert or RSS feed, click on “My Alerts.”

Then click on delete next to the one(s) you want to delete.

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