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Journal Alerts

Some databases allow you to set up alerts that notify you automatically when a new issue of a journal comes out and include a table of contents or a link to the full text of the articles in that issue.

Web of Science--Setting Up an Account

Web of Science. Includes scholarly literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities with backfiles to 2000.  Web of Science is a citation index, that is, in addition to the usual information a database gives you (title, author, date, subject headings, abstract, full text of some of the articles, etc.), a citation index also tells you who cited this article in their publication.

The list of databases on the library’s database page calls this database “Web of Science,” but the initial search page calls this “Web of Knowledge.”

Web of Knowledge is made up of two databases: Web of Science and Biological Abstracts. You can set up an alert in either database, but not in the combination of the two (Web of Knowledge). To get to either, single database, click on the “Select a Database” tab, and then click on the database you want.

Select “Sign In” to set up your account.

Web of Science--Setting Up Journal Alerts, Step 1

To set up a journal alert, search for the title of the journal in the Publication Name field OR click on Select from Index next to the Publication Name field where you can choose from an alphabetical list of all publications in the database and then add that title to the publication name search box.  Whether you've typed in the name of a publication or chosen one from the Index, then execute the search for that title.

Web of Science--Setting Up Journal Alerts, Step 2

Once you have executed the search for a journal title, click on the link to Create Alert/RSS.


Web of Science--Setting Up Journal Alerts, Step 3

Fill in the necessary information and click on the links to set up an email alert or RSS feed.

Web of Science--Deleting Alerts/Feeds

If you want to delete an email alert or RSS feed, sign in to Web of Science, click on My Saved Searches.  Then check the box next to the alert or alerts you want to delete and click on Delete.


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