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ENTP 405: Scaling Entrepreneurial Firms

This guide will assist students in Entrepreneurship 405 with their research

Evaluating Credible Sources

In SOBA 200, and all your courses, it is critical to evaluate your sources.  Your professors expect you to gather high-quality information that comes from authoritative sources. Therefore you need to carefully evaluate every information source before including it in your papers, projects, and presentations. 

A credible source is a trustworthy source. Here are the ways to check a source for credibility: 

  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Relevance

Some people refer to the above criteria as the CRAAP test. 

What is Peer Review?

An academic journal is a type of periodical that scholars use to share new research. Each issue of an academic journal contains new content, and may include editorials, opinion pieces, reviews of books or software, articles that review existing literature on a special topic, and articles that describe an original research project undertaken by the author. 

Peer Review in academic journals is a process that helps ensure that quality of that research. Peer reviewed articles may also be described as refereed articles or scholarly articles

The flowchart below illustrates the lifecycle of a peer reviewed article.

Peer Review in 3 minutes

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