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Guide to Writing at Stetson University

This guide is designed for students and faculty to use as a resource for what “good college writing” looks like—and how students can achieve it—and how faculty can encourage it.


Welcome to the

Guide to Writing at Stetson University!


Our mission for this guide is to support students in developing writing strategies: an awareness of differing audience needs, writing at the college level, the particular needs of students speaking English as an additional language, the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs, and much more.

Initially written in 2010 by Dr. Megan O'Neill, the Director of Writing and the Core Academic Experience, with the Reference Section authored by Dr Jane Bradford, this guide has been reshaped from its original printed format to the new online version that you see here. In the summer of 2018, Writing Center Director Leigh Ann Dunning, with help from writing tutors Jeanette Jakupca, Aiyanna Maciel, Amber Biron, and Tya Saunders strategized new ways to present the useful information to students online. The version you see now has been updated and rearranged to include disciplinary writing information, revised information literacy information, and much more, thanks to Hunter Murphy.  

This online edition of the Guide to Writing at Stetson will include the following features:

  • easily navigable sections dedicated to writing and research
  • internal hyperlinks to useful resources at Stetson & beyond
  • visual images and links to multimedia

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