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Search Alerts

How to set up a database search and have the results emailed to you at regular intervals.

Search Alerts

Search Alerts allow you to execute a search, then instruct the database to perform that same search automatically at designated intervals and email the results of the search to the user or send results via an RSS feed.

  • Most, but not all, of the library's databases allow you to set up search alerts.  
  • See Databases that Allow Search Alerts for a list of databases that offer this option.
  • You need to set up an account in any database in which that you wish to establish search alerts.
  • An account means that you establish a username and password; it does not mean that there is any fee involved. 
  • You can elect to have the results of your search alert sent to your email account or to you via an RSS feed (see RSS Feeds tab for more information on RSS feeds).

To create a new account, click on “Sign In,” (in some databases it's called Personal Accounts, Register, or My Research).  Click on “Create a New Account” (see screen shot below as an example). 

Then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Search Alerts - Example - Sign In

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