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Finding Music Scores

Finding printed scores (printed music) in the Library, finding digital scores, and borrowing scores from other libraries.

Uniform Title defined

In OneSearch and other library catalogs, the Uniform Title is used to bring together different versions of the same work. This is useful because:

  • Music titles are often described in different languages.
  • Musical works may have distinctive titles
  • Music can also be described by opus or symphony number, by key, or by instrument..

The uniform title follows a formula that can be remembered through this acronym:

FINK: Form* (Genre), Instrument (medium of performance), number, key.

*Form is always plural: quartets, sonatas, symphonies, etc.


  • The uniform title for Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in E-flat, op. 31, no. 3 is  Sonatas, piano, no. 18, op. 31, no. 3, E♭ major
  • Schubert’s Trout Quintet has this uniform title: Quintets, piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, D. 667, A major
  • Mozart’s Symphony No. 38, "Prague" is Symphonies, K. 504, D major

When searching for scores in OneSearch:

  • Start with a keyword search using the elements you know (composer, form, instruments, etc.)
  • Look in the View Description part of the OneSearch item record to find the Uniform Title.
  • Then click the uniform title to get all the works with that title.
  • You may have to filter your results to Stetson and scores after starting a new search

Search example: Brahms violin concerto in D major, opus 77

A search for Brahms violin concerto in D major, opus 77 only has 1 result.

search for brahms concerto violin in D major opus 77


Using what we know about uniform titles (genres are plural, include instrument name, include the key and the number), try a search using these words: Brahms violin concertos D major 77

search for scores at stetson brahms violin concertos d major 77


The search for Brahms violin concertos D major 77 returns more results.

more results for Brahms violins concertos search

Below is the description of the first item in the results list. You can see the Uniform Title and click it to start a new search.

description including uniform title


Clicking the Uniform Title starts a new search. When you start a new search, you may lose your filters, so be sure to check Stetson and Score in your results.

results for search using uniform title

Search example: Beethoven's 5th Symphony

A search for Beethoven's 5th Symphony, filtered to scores available at Stetson's library, give ZERO results!

Zero search results for Beethoven's 5th symphony

Using what we know about Uniform Titles (the form/genre is always pluralized) search for symphonies instead of symphony. Rather than 5th, use the number 5. And use Beethoven in place of Beethoven's.  search for beethoven symphonies 5 with filters scores and stetson

A search for Beethoven symphonies 5 returns these search results:

search for beethoven symphonies 5

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