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Children's, Juvenile, and Young Adult Literature

For help in finding children's, juvenile, and young adult literature in the library

The Library's collections

The Library's collections of children's, juvenile, and young adult literature is located at the end of the literature section, in the north wing of the top floor.

More than 4,500 volumes are located here, all of which are identified with "Juvenile" as the first part of the call number.

The Library collects this kind of literature primarily to support the curriculum of the Education Department and to provide resources for dependents of University staff, faculty, and alumni. 

More extensive collections of children's literature may be found at the DeLand Public Library.  All Stetson students, regardless of permanent home address, will be issued on request, at no charge, a Volusia County Public Library card, and may check books, videos, and recordings out from any library in the County system.

The Library's collection for children's literature includes nonfiction as well as fictional and poetic works.  All of the books in the Juvenile collection are listed in the Library's Catalog.

Using WorldCat to expand your access

To expand your access to children's literature, in English and many other languages, use the WorldCat database. Click the link below for a Research Guide.

Books located in WorldCat can be borrowed at no cost to you through the Library's interlibrary service.

Also, if you see a book of interest on WorldCat, check on Amazon to see if the book is listed with the "Look Inside" feature (mouse over to the cover of the book).  If it is, you may be able to read substantial portions of the book online, at no cost, on Amazon.

Library Catalog searches

If you are looking, for example, for books suitable for children on the subject of astronomy, use the Library Catalog search screen, add the phrase 'juvenile literature' to the Subject heading "astronomy." Some other examples:

  • Agriculture Juvenile literature
  • Art Juvenile literature
  • Dragons Juvenile literature

If you want a fictional book for children which deals with a particular topic, add the phrase "juvenile fiction" to your subject term:

  • Horses Juvenile fiction
  • Birthdays Juvenile fiction
  • Wizards Juvenile fiction

Locating articles on children's literature

The best periodical databases for articles on children's literature are listed below.

Using the Library's "All in One" Search

Use the Discovery / "All in One" search on the Library's homepage as an additional way to search for articles and other sources on children's literature.

Type in the terms or topic or interest.  Example:  feminist children's literature.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Call or text 386-747-9028.