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Troubleshooting Library Database Access Issues

This guide outlines some of the most common issues when it comes to accessing databases, journals, eBooks, articles, and other library resources.

Connect to databases from library website

Are you connecting through the library website or A to Z database list?
Be sure to connect to databases using the one of the pages below. For most databases, the library pays a subscription or licensing fee and the links are connected to our account.

What network are you using to connect to the internet?

network connection - FacultyStaff or Student

If you are on campus, be sure you are connected to the FacultyStaff or Student network. The STETSON_GUEST network does not connect to the library's licensed or subscription databases.

If you are on campus, in a Residence Hall, be sure to register your computer with ResNet.

If you are off campus, you should be prompted to login with your Stetson credentials. 

  • If you were prompted and did log in, are you able to login to or to your Stetson email? If you are unable to connect to other Stetson sites, there may be an issue with your login credentials. Contact Stetson IT.
  • If you were were not prompted to login, be sure to connect to databases through the library website.

Which Database?

What database are you trying to use? Be sure Stetson library has access to that database by using the link from the list. 

If you are affiliated with the Stetson Law School, be aware that the Stetson Law Library has access to some databases, journals, and other resources that Stetson's DeLand Campus (duPont-Ball Library) is not able to access.

Current Stetson Student, Faculty, Staff?

Are you a current Stetson student, faculty, staff member?
Access to library databases and other licensed resources is limited to current Stetson employees and current students.

Database Connectivity issues

What browser are you using and does it need to be updated?
Try a different browser or use an incognito window.

Are you trying to connect to the Cabells database?
Connect from a computer located on campus or sign into VLAB.

Page not configured for access message

Page not configured for access.
Are you getting this message? This means the database isn’t set up to work off-campus. 

EZProxy set up issue message

Follow the instructions in the message to resolve the issue.

Use VLAB to connect to the database. VLAB creates a virtual on-campus desktop.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.