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SOCI 307: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

This guide was created in February 2019 for Dr. Jackson's Junior Seminar students.


I hope the resources featured on this page are helpful for your research in this class. Please reach out to me or another librarian if there's anything we can help with!

Useful Links

Research Librarian

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Jennifer Corbin
duPont-Ball Library

Background Information

Consider using encyclopedias and other reference sources when you begin researching a topic. Some encyclopedias will provide more in-depth information than others, but any general encyclopedia is a good source to consult for background information of your chosen subject area. Most encyclopedias provide:

  • Main concepts, including names, dates, places
  • Keywords and subject terms related to topic
  • Lists of related articles or additional resources

Books and articles

Use the following databases to find books and articles.


Use the following databases and websites to find data.

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