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Racial Violence in Florida

Resources about historical incidents of racial violence in Florida.

Introduction and Research Support

‚ÄčThis guide provides information about the resources available in the duPont-Ball Libary and on the web related to racial violence in Florida history. This guide was constructed to support the study of African American history in Florida K-12 schools (Florida Statute 1003.42).

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20th Century Incidents of Racial Violence in Florida

Newberry 6 Lynchings, August 18, 1916 - In the town of Newberry in Alachua County, a man names Boisey Long was accused of stealing hogs.  Violence broke out when authorities tried to arrest Long and a constable was killed.  Later, a mob gathered some of Long's friends and relations and hung them.  Long was also hung after being found guilty of the murder of the constable.

Ocoee Massacre, November 2,1920 - African Americans in Ocoee, Florida, were murdered on election day when a black man went to the polls to exercise his right to vote.  As many as 50 people may have been murdered.

Rosewood Massacre, 1st Week of January, 1923a racially motivated massacre in the town of Rosewood, Florida in Levy County.  The town, made up of primarily black citizens, was destroyed.  Reportedly, six black people and two white people were killed.

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