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When opportunity knocks: Supporting an information literacy across the curriculum program (ALA Annual 2022 Poster Session)

Guide to accompany a poster presentation at the American Library Association Annual Conference 2022.


While academic librarians have been teaching information literacy (IL) skills for decades, staffing, access to students, limited class time, and other issues prevent us from reaching the numbers of students we would like. Training disciplinary faculty to teach IL skills reaches more students, can span the curriculum, can introduce and reinforce disciplinary IL skills, and can have a positive impact on student learning. Some librarians have leveraged re-accreditation Quality Enhancement Plans (QEP) to train faculty to incorporate IL. (Smith; Millet, Donald, & Wilson) Others provided grant funding to faculty to redesign a course or unit. (Folk & Hammons; Winterman, Donovan, & Slough)  

What happens when the library is not the initiator of such a program? At Stetson University, faculty, staff, and students selected the QEP topic critical skills. Operationalized as critical thinking and IL, these critical skills are two areas in which students have low scores in general education assessments. The author, a member of the Task Force charged with developing the topic into a plan, was surprised that the Task Force ultimately chose IL as the focus of the QEP adopting a train the trainer model. What an opportunity!

This poster presents approaches to preparing library personnel for a university-wide IL program. It includes feedback from library personnel and faculty participants about QEP support provided by the library. Attendees will gain insight into auditing IL support mechanisms including reference services, guides, IL instruction, and IL Program information to ensure support for QEP faculty participants.

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Poster Session information

Saturday, June 25, 2022, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

This poster is part of Session 3: The Educators

Posters on Library Instruction; Distance Learning; Continuing Education; Education; Literacy; and Research Methodologies.

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