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ENSS 140: Introduction to Environmental Science and Studies

This guide was created for Niederman's students.

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Grace Kaletski-Maisel first created this guide in 2021, and Hunter took ownership in 2022. 


This survey is intended for you to fill out after a librarian visits your class.

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This guide describes databases, search tools, and library services that support your research for assignments in ENSS 140.

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2022-Fall -Assignment Prompt

Climate Change Draw Down Project
Course Instructors
Dr Olusola-Ige Adetoro and Professor Emily Niederman
Project Motivation
Climate change is a big, multidisciplinary problem, but rarely are solutions discussed. In this final project, you will be working individually and in groups to explore and develop solutions.
Introductory Videos
The six course unit video series from Project Drawdown is filled with the latest need-to-know science and fascinating insights from global though leaders. Watch all six of the videos using the following link:
1. Setting the stage
2. Stopping climate change 
3. Reducing the Sources
4. Supporting sinks and improving the society
5. Putting it all together
6. Making it all happen
Other Videos to Watch
1. Climate solutions 101 from Project Drawdown:
Solutions are often divided by category of sector. Below is the list of sectors as from Project Drawdown and can be explored more in depth from the following link:
• Land sink
• Industry
• Industry/Buildings
• Transportation
• Engineered sinks
• Buildings
• Electricity
• Electricity/Building
• Food, Agriculture and Land/Coastal and Ocean Sinks
• Coastal and Ocean Sinks
• Industry
• Electricity
• Food, Agriculture. Land Use /Land sinks
• Food, Agriculture. Land use
• Health and Education
• Electricity/Industry
• Other Energy

Project Breakdown / Deliverables

1. (Individual) Write up 500 words on the videos linked in the Introductory Video section. What is the science behind this? Focus should be on why, how, where, etc. as pertaining to the climate solutions.

2. (Individual) Develop a chart on the different sectors and solution paradigms as listed by drawdown project.

3. (Individual) Create a reference list that applies to the topic of climate change. You need a minimum of 10 sources, of which 1 is peer-reviewed. The sources should be formatted in a proper citation style, such as APA (American Psychological Association) or ESA (Ecological Society of America). ESA is the citation style for the Environmental Science and Studies Department, so for majors it is strongly recommended.

4. (As a group) Develop a climate change solution and produce a poster that could be used to present your solution including pertinent description. Useful climate solutions will be forwarded to Project Drawdown as our contribution to existing climate change solutions.

Finding peer-reviewed articles

The following databases contain peer-reviewed academic journal articles on Environmental Studies topics, as well as news, magazines, and other types of sources.

Other resources


This survey is intended for you to fill out after a librarian visits your class.

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