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ENSS 140: Introduction to Environmental Science and Studies

This guide was created for Niederman's students.


This guide describes databases, search tools, and library services that support your research for assignments in ENSS 140.

The library is here to support you in all your research endeavors. Librarians are happy to answer any questions or provide additional help.

Assignment prompt

Food. It is essential for any living organism to acquire energy to continue on living, which typically involves consuming food unless that organism is autotrophic. Biologically, food is essential. However, food also can be viewed as a characterizing feature for cultures and can be the center of economic and political debate. When analyzing a particular food, any of the following subtopics may be pivotal for your expository discourse of the food. These are good places to start researching, but the story of your food may lead you to surprising locations, so don’t limit yourself to this list. 


  • Biological description and/or habitat requirements for your food
  • The varieties that have been developed (GMOs vs non-GMOs, etc.)
  • Where it is grown/produced
  • The farming (traditional, industrial, pesticides, etc.) and/or processing methods used on these foods
  • The companies/people that produce it
  • Its functional region in production and/or transportation
  • History of your food, possibly including its development into a large-scale production food
  • Its relevance in the economic, political, and/or cultural landscape
  • Threats to your to your food (diseases, etc.)

Finding peer-reviewed articles

The following databases contain peer-reviewed academic journal articles on Environmental Studies topics, as well as news, magazines, and other types of sources.

Other resources

Summa 2022


Here are the student names with their topics:

First Last Project Topic
Devon Bibby Avocado
Garrett Flint Wheat
Nick  Gallegos Corn
Taylor  Hand Blueberries
Madisyn  Jones Oranges
Ariana  Klein Apples
Emily  Largent Raspberries
Conor  Murphy Potatoes
Charles  Presley Beef Steak
Spencer  Skittenhelm Lemon

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