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Course Guide Example

An example of a course guide created to support a research project in a course.

This is an example of a course guide.

The guide,, was created in January 2019 to support students in Dr. Day's ENSS 317: Global Perspectives on Food Production class. Course guides can be used in class, linked to a Blackboard page, or added to a syllabus. They are also available through the duPont-Ball Library website and searchable on Google and other web search sites. 

Course guides typically include library contact information, links to licensed databases and information sources selected for the discipline and course, and other information that will support students who are searching for credible information to incorporate into a research assignment.


This guide describes databases, search tools, and library services that support your research for assignments in ENSS 317.

The library is here to support you in all your research endeavors. Librarians are happy to answer any questions or provide additional help.

Find Background Information

Consider using encyclopedias and other reference sources when you begin researching a topic. Some encyclopedias will provide more in-depth information than others, but any general encyclopedia is a good source to consult for background information of your chosen subject area. Most encyclopedias provide:

  • Main concepts, including names, dates, places
  • Keywords and subject terms related to topic
  • Lists of related articles or additional resources

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