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MFA Program Guide

This guide supports the MFA Program at Stetson University.

Annotated Encounter List Overview

MFA Students are required to submit a bibliographic list of at least twenty-five works (books, films, visual art, performance, mixed media, etc.) that they’ve engaged with over the course of their time in the MFA program.

The Encounter List, similar to an Annotated Bibliography, should feature the following:

  • The annotations should explicitly connect their learning and/or thesis to the referenced work (consider what you learned, borrowed, or responded to).
  • The Encounter List should be formatted according to either MLA or APA guidelines; either format is fine but must be consistent throughout the list.

Annotated Bibliography Resources

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (bibliography) that includes comments about each source. These comments are called annotations

What do students get out of an annotated bibliography assignment?
  • An early start on a research assignment
  • Experience with library research and with citing sources
  • Practice in evaluating sources and thinking about how those sources fit into their research project
  • Feedback from the professor about the topic, research question, and citations 
How to write an annotated bibliography:
  1. Find sources related to your topic (check with your instructor to confirm which types of sources are acceptable for the assignment)
  2. Critically read and evaluate sources
  3. Create the proper citation
  4. Below the citation write your annotation
An annotation (found below each citation) typically includes*:
  • An evaluation of the work - the value of the evidence, the logic of arguments, etc.
  • A description of the arguments or findings in the source
  • The qualifications/credibility of the author(s) or publishing source
  • How the source will support your argument or thesis

*Check with your instructors to confirm what information they require in an annotation. 

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.