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Creative Arts Instruction

This guide will offer resources to students to find information on and examples of creative art subjects (including paintings, textiles, and ceramics).

Ceramic sources

Here are some periodicals and sources which will be helpful for your class projects.

Animal and Vessel Project

Animal & Vessel
• You will design and construct a functional ceramic vessel using a combination of the pinch and coil hand building methods. The vessel must suggest the shape, texture, or other qualities of an animal you have researched.
• Choose an animal that is significant to you, your culture, or philosophy
• Research a historical vessel from various cultures that predate the year 1900. Select one
culture to provide 3 different source images from and information from that culture.
• Morph the qualities of both the historical vessel and animal together by designing and sketching different forms & compositions that support your concept.
• The vessel must be a container form of some kind.
• Your piece will also be a minimum of 12 inches in either height or width.
• Incorporate at least two slip techniques that we have learned in class.
The Library Visit
• Research historical vessel forms in the library or database (internet sources will be approved to be accepted).
• Select one historical culture to take inspiration from into an animal/vessel hybrid.
• Provide evidence of research by citing source information and providing three images of
different vessels from that particular culture (you may sketch them or photocopy).
• Choose a significant or interesting animal that relates to you, your culture, or philosophy.
• Sketchbook – Create 3 different, well developed sketches of zoomorphic vessel forms that explore combinations of historical vessels with the animal(s) of your choosing. Make conscious decisions about why you choose that vessel/culture in relation to your animal concept.
• NOTE: Keep all sketches and collected images and information! Four our Critique you will present the following:
1. What culture you used for inspiration and where they are geographically.
2. What time period did this culture create your chosen vessel.
a. (Dates, example; 1200 – 400 BCE)
3. What the function of the vessel you chose was.
4. One fun fact about the animal you researched

Tips on Searching

If you're searching a publication and you do not find what you need, consider changing your search terms. For example, if you do not find effective results when searching "utilitarian" or "functional forms" of ceramics, consider using types of utilitarian ceramics such as "pots," "bowls," "plates," "ashtrays," "pipes" etc.  

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