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Refworks Citation Management Tool: How to use it

Refworks can help you organize and cite sources. This guide will help current & new Refworks users get started.

RefWorks and Microsoft Word - Installation (Windows)

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is an add-in for Microsoft Word that enables you to run a simplified version of RefWorks inside Word. RCM is a newer, more modern version of Write-n-Cite, specifically for users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (Word 2019 and online). RCM is available through the Microsoft Store and can be installed directly from Microsoft Word. By default, Office automatically updates RCM whenever a new version becomes available.


Follow the basic instructions below to get the RCM Microsoft add-in. For more information on installation click here.

1. Open Microsoft Word. This can be a document you are already working on or a new document.

2. Select Insert in the top menu bar. Select My Add-ins.

3. From the Office Add-ins menu, select Office Store

4. From this menu, search for RefWorks in the top left search field. You should see the add-in RefWorks Citation Manager. Select Add.

5. Click Continue to agree to the License Terms and Privacy Policy.

6. A tab labeled RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager) will now appear in the top menu bar.

Using RCM for Word

After you have installed the RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager) add-in, you are ready to upload citations to your document.

Follow the steps in the tabs to get started:

Select the RCM tab at the top of the menu bar. On the left-hand side, select the RefWorks Citation Manager icon to open the sidebar. The sidebar will open on the right hand-side and you may be prompted to sign in with your RefWorks credentials.

Once you are logged in, the sidebar updates with your references with an icon to the Main Menu on the top left and a refresh icon on the bottom right.

In the main menu, there are various settings that can be changed to best fit your needs:

You have the ability to choose your citation format using RCM.

Select the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the RefWorks Citation Manager sidebar:

Select Citation Style:

You can search for a specific citation to find the one you need:

To insert a citation, you can pick from the following:

  • Select Cite This for a reference. That reference is added as an inline citation:

  • Select the checkboxes for one or more references. A preview of the citation will display:

  • If footnotes are available for your formatting style, the option will appear at the top of the RCM menu. In this example, the formatting is in APSA (American Political Science Association) style.

  • After making your selections, click Insert Citation.

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