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Refworks Citation Management Tool: How to use it

Refworks can help you organize and cite sources. This guide will help current & new Refworks users get started.

RefWorks Series


All videos in the series are available below:

What is RefWorks Reference Manager

In this video, you'll learn how RefWorks can help you throughout your research workflow. Finding, saving, and organizing references is easy and efficient. Sharing your research and citing references in your writing takes just a few clicks.

Accessing RefWorks

This RefWorks training session will cover how to access RefWorks, including creating a new account, and accessing through single sign-on at your institution.

RefWorks Basic Functionality

This RefWorks training session will cover the basic functionality of the RefWorks website. We won't cover all the features available to you, but we'll look at the ones you will use most frequently in RefWorks as you conduct your research.

Exporting References to RefWorks

This RefWorks training sessions covers ways to export references from other systems, so users can import them into RefWorks.

Creating References and Adding Documents Within RefWorks

This RefWorks training session will cover several different ways to add references directly into RefWorks, including uploading a document, importing references from a file, creating a reference manually, and searching library databases for references.

Editing References in RefWorks

This training session will cover how to edit references in RefWorks, including correcting metadata before and after saving to RefWorks, adding tags, editing many references at once, and more.

Organizing References with Folders in RefWorks

This RefWorks training session will cover ways to organize your references into folders, including sharing folders with other researchers.

Writing with RefWorks

This RefWorks training session will cover several tools you can use when writing a research paper and using RefWorks to supply citations and bibliographies. We'll be showing RefWorks Citation Manager, Write-N-Cite, ProQuest RefWorks for Google Docs, and Quick Cite.

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