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HIST 382 Scandals and Sleaze: Histories of Crime in Latin America

Resources for Dr. Mottier's students.

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US Dept of State Documents in Print at the duPont-Ball Library

The following government documents are available in print in the bottom floor of the library. Use the SuDoc Call Number (right column) to locate each book. Librarians will be happy to help you find these.

US Department of State. American Foreign Policy: Current Documents. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1957-present. (this is a series) S1.71/2:958
US Department of State Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs. Authoritarian Regimes in Transition. By Hans Binnendijk, ed. 1987.
US Department of State and US Department of Defense. The Sandinista Military Build-up. 1985. S1.26:119
US Department of State. Resource Book: Sandinista Elections in Nicaragua.  S1.2: N 5 1/6
US Department of State. Comandante Bayardo Arce's Secret Speech before the Nicaraguan Socialist Party. 1985. S1.26:118
US Department of State and US Department of Defense. The Soviet-Cuban Connection in Central America and the Caribbean. 1985.
US Department of State and US Department of Defense. Background Paper: Nicaragua's Military Build-Up and Support for Central American Subversion. 1984. S1.2:N51/5
US Department of State. Human Rights and Nicaragua under the Sandinistas: From Revolution to Repression. 1986. S1.2:H 88/7
US Department of State. Compensation for American-Owned Lands Expropriated in Mexico. 1968.
US Department of State. Historical Study: US Policy toward Latin America: Recognition and Non-recognition of Governments and Interruptions in Diplomatic Relations, 1933-1974. 1975.
S 1.26:109
US Department of State. Inside the Sandinista Regime: A Special Investigator's Perspective S 1.2: Sa 5/4




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