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Google Scholar: How to use it

Make the most of Google's search tool for scholarly sources.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's search engine for scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles. Keep the following limitations in mind as you search:

  • Not everything is included in Google Scholar. We don't know what is, or isn't included because Google doesn't make this information public.
  • Most of the sources you find on Google Scholar are not freely available to the public. Be sure to add the library link for the duPont-Ball library for free access to content licensed by the library (see below for info). Request content not licensed by the library via interlibrary loan.
  • Compared to library databases, Google Scholar has very few filters and advanced search options available to help you narrow down search results. 
  • It's important to be wary of the articles you find on Google Scholar. "Fake" or low-quality peer-reviewed articles from predatory journal publishers may appear in your search results. Read more here.

Setting up Library Links

Stetson students and faculty can add the duPont-Ball library link for free access to paid content that is available through the library. Follow the steps below:

> Go to

> Click the ☰ (triple bar) icon


> Select Settings (look for the gear icon)


> Select Library Links on the left-hand side bar

> Search for Stetson University in the search bar

> Select Stetson University - Find it @ Stetson

> Make sure you check the box next to it

> Click Save

Now you can access library materials from within Google Scholar via the Find it @ Stetson link on the search results page.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.