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This guide covers a variety of resources available to Stetson students researching accounting and taxation topics.

Accessing Electronic Items

The image below shows Availability for an eBook. To access eBooks and other items that are available electronically, simply click on the green button labeled View eBook or View Now


Accessing Print Items

This image shows Availability for a print book. To access a print item, find the Call Number, which is a unique series of letters and numbers usually located on the spine of each item. In this example, the call number is HF5686 .I56 R528 2002.

Next to the call number, you'll see the item's Availability status. If the item is marked as Available, it should be on the shelf in the library.

If you item is marked as Available, follow the steps below to obtain it:

1. Record the Call Number for the item you want.

2. Use the Call Number to find the item on the shelves of the duPont-Ball Library. Most print books are on the top floor of the library. Consult the Library Maps and the Library of Congress subject chart to identify the precise location of your book's section. Call numbers are arranged in order- start by finding the section that starts with the first letter of your call number, then first letter plus second letter or number, and so on until you get to your item. 

Accessing Print Items


Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.