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This guide covers a variety of resources available to Stetson students researching accounting and taxation topics.

Beginning your search

Start at the library's homepage! You can choose to search "Everything" or you can limit your results to resources in one of the other five format groupings.

Advanced Search

Another option is to select the Advanced Search screen.

  • The Search Index allows you to tell the catalog whether you want to find items that list your Search Term as a keyword, subject, author, title, or something else.
  • If you'd like to search for multiple Search Terms at once, enter each one into a different Search Term box. If you need more boxes, click on Add row.
  • Use the Operator drop-down box to define the relationship between each of your Search Terms. The 3 operators are: AND, OR, NOT. Use AND to tell the catalog that you'd like to find items that contain both of your Search Terms. Use OR to tell it that you'd like to find all items that contain either of your Search Terms. Use NOT if you don't want to see items that contain a specific Search Term.
  • Click on Limit your Search to get filters such as format, year, language, and more.

To go directly to the Advanced Search page, use this link:

Filtering Search Results

Here's an image of the search results screen. In the example below, an advanced search for books on Multinational taxation brings up 30 items held at Stetson.  Filters were used to narrow results to Stetson's holdings of books (print books and ebooks).

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.