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Family Enterprise

This guide is prepared for Stetson students doing family business research. Specialized resources related to family-owned business enterprises are listed.

Use the Library's Journals List to search a specific journal or newspaper

The library has electronic access to over 12,000 business journals that cover all areas of business operations (labor, management, investments, marketing, accounting, taxation) and industries (textiles, fashion, food, beverage, computers, manufacturing, retail trade, insurance, real estate and more).

The Journals List provides the library's holdings for the journal title entered. Some titles will be available in various formats (print, microform, and/or electronically in one or more of the library's databases). Print journals (2011-present) are located on the main floor arranged alphabetically by title. Print journals published before 2011 are located on the ground floor arranged alphabetically by title.

To search a journal title in a database, click on the journal title link that corresponds to the dates of coverage needed. For example, to browse the Family Business Review, enter the title and select the link to the source that corresponds to the dates of coverage needed. 

Overview of Importance of Articles

Articles are great sources for information for your research, especially for the following:

  • The most recent information available
  • specific information
  • As an excellent source of historical information
  • Interdisciplinary topics

Journal articles can include reports and/or reviews of current research and topic-specific information. They usually include bibliographies, which can lead you to additional information on a topic. Follow your research: if the research leads you in a new direction, chances are it’s a good direction to follow. Keep it in your area of interest, and let your interest guide you.

Articles are available from many different types of publications, including the following: scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, chapters in books, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journals, etc.

You will also need to decide what type of article you need for your research in terms of scholarly versus popular.

Keep your subject simple, but not too specific, for best results in researching.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.