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The U.S. Decennial Census

A guide to the U.S. Census that is done every 10 years (Decennial)

Historical Census Data - Online Collections

Census of Population and Housing (United States Census Bureau)

Digitized PDF files of published Census volumes, from the first census conducted in 1790 to the most recent. 

Please note: these are publications that summarize the data gathered during the Census; they are not digitized copies of the individual returns.

Print copies of the U.S. Census

The duPont-Ball Library owns print volumes of the U.S. Decennial Census.  These volumes are located in the Government Documents Collection, on the lower level of the library.  For most Census years, we have volumes for all the states and a U.S. summary volume.

Material in the Government Documents Collection is arranged by a special call number, called the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) number.  Here are the titles and SuDoc numbers for the Census volumes owned by the library.  A Research Librarian will help you locate them in the stacks.

Seventh Census, 1850.

I 8.5:

Eighth Census, 1860

I 9.5:

Tenth Census, 1880

I 11.5:

Eleventh Census, 1890

I 12.5:

Twelfth Census, 1900

I 13.5:

Thirteenth Census, 1910

C 3.910: and following

Fourteenth census of the United States taken in the year 1920. 

C 3.28/5:

Sixteenth census of the United States, 1940. 

C 3.940-5:P 81/2/2

Seventeenth Census, 1950

C 3.950:

Eighteenth Census, 1960

C 3.223/9:960

Nineteenth Census, 1970

C 3.223/9:970

Twentieth Census, 1980

C 3.223/5:980 and following

Twenty-first Census, 1990

C 3.223/5:990 and following

Twenty-second Census, 2000

C 3.223/5:2000 and following

Twenty-third Census, 2010

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