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The U.S. Decennial Census

A guide to the U.S. Census that is done every 10 years (Decennial)

Print copies of the U.S. Census

The duPont-Ball Library owns print volumes of the U.S. Decennial Census from 1850-2010. These volumes are located in the Government Documents Collection, on the lower level of the library.  For most Census years, we have volumes for all the states and a U.S. summary volume.

Material in the Government Documents Collection is arranged by a special call number, called the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) number.  Here are the titles and SuDoc numbers for the Census volumes owned by the library.  A Research Librarian will help you locate them in the stacks.

Seventh Census, 1850.

I 8.5:

Eighth Census, 1860

I 9.5:

Tenth Census, 1880

I 11.5:

Eleventh Census, 1890

I 12.5:

Twelfth Census, 1900

I 13.5:

Thirteenth Census, 1910

C 3.910: and following

Fourteenth census of the United States taken in the year 1920. 

C 3.28/5:

Sixteenth census of the United States, 1940. 

C 3.940-5:P 81/2/2

Seventeenth Census, 1950

C 3.950:

Eighteenth Census, 1960

C 3.223/9:960

Nineteenth Census, 1970

C 3.223/9:970

Twentieth Census, 1980

C 3.223/5:980 and following

Twenty-first Census, 1990

C 3.223/5:990 and following

Twenty-second Census, 2000

C 3.223/5:2000 and following

Twenty-third Census, 2010

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