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SOBA 200: Professional Communications

This guide will help students make the best use of library resources for SOBA 200 classes.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

In SOBA 200, and all your courses, it is critical to evaluate your sources.  Your professors expect you to gather high-quality information that comes from authoritative sources. Therefore you need to carefully evaluate every information source before including it in your papers, projects, and presentations. 

A credible source is a trustworthy source. Here are criteria to check a source for credibility: 

Peer Review in 3 minutes

Not sure if your article is peer reviewed? Look for these clues:

Author. The author's credentials & institution should be listed. Authors of peer reviewed articles typically have graduate degrees and are a faculty member at a university. 

Abstract. Many peer reviewed articles begin with an abstract, which is a paragraph summarizing the research.

Audience. Peer reviewed articles are written for scholars, researchers, & students who are knowledgeable about the topic, and likely use specialized terminology.

Purpose. What is the purpose of the article? Does the author want to support findings of a research project, present a case study, make an argument that is supported by evidence or research, etc.?

References. Peer reviewed articles typically include a bibliography that cites other peer reviewed sources.

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