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ARTS 218A: Ceramics (Wheel-Throwing)

A guide created to help students research topics on ceramics.

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Databases for creative arts

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Welcome, Ceramic Artists!

 Potter's Wheel DSC_0494 by Plashing Vole Welcome to the research guide for your art course. This guide describes databases and search tools that you can use to find images and information on ceramics at the duPont-Ball Library and online. It also offers search tips and information about library services.

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                                                                                                                                                                Photo cred: Potter's Wheel by Plashing Vole

Assignment details

Project # 2 - Set of Bowls/ Empty Bowl
For this project, we will be researching Bowl forms from ancient cultures around the world to derive inspiration from the silhouettes and surface design. Please conduct your research similar to the way that we have learned from the library session.

Include and cite the following information:
● What Culture or peoples was your bowl form from?  Include the geographical location (What part of the world this work is found)

● What time period were these bowls made? (This is usually a range of time. Ex -10th Century)

● What was the bowl used for? (This sometimes included; food storage, collection of materials & special
rituals, etc.)

● What is the significance of the images or surface design on the bowl?  Oftentimes, the animal, images or pattern have a particular meaning in the culture of where that work was from.

Out of this historical research we will be making a set of four - six bowls that borrow inspiration from this historical research. These bowls can nest inside one another, create a pattern (when lined up or placed in a group), be hand altered or can be matching.

Sources for Background information

For your assignments, you will need relevant information on your chosen work of art. The library has several options for you to use.

Consider using encyclopedias and other reference sources when you begin researching a topic. Some encyclopedias will provide more in-depth information than others, but any general encyclopedia is a good source to consult for background information of your chosen subject area. Most encyclopedias provide the following:

  • Main concepts, including names, dates, places
  • Keywords and subject terms related to topic
  • Lists of related articles or additional resources


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