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Communication and Media Studies

A brief guide to information resources in Communication and Media Studies

Overview and Database Best Bets

A sampling of Communication and Media Studies courses taught at Stetson underscores the scope and interdisciplinary nature of this field: media ethics, interpersonal and intercultural communication, rhetorical theory and criticism, mass media theory, argumentation, public speaking, gender in communication, food and nutrition in the media, and communication and technology.

Communication and Media Studies, as an interdisciplinary field, relates to and is informed by several academic disciplines, including Political Science, Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Ethics.

These databases will get you started with finding journal articles.

Selected subject headings

Communication in politics             Communication-religious aspects

Communication in sports              Mass media and sports

Rhetoric-political aspects              Rhetoric - ancient

Rhetoric-social aspects                 Intercultural communication

Rhetoric and psychology              Violence in mass media

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Also, these Subject Headings can be used to expand your access to books by using the database WorldCat.

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