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EBSCO Time Magazine Archive: How to use it

Techniques on searching Time Magazine Archive. This database is restricted to Stetson University students, faculty, and staff.

Welcome - How to Use the Time Archive (Ebsco)

This guide illustrates tips and techniques for searching the database Time Magazine Archive from EBSCO. Current Stetson University students, faculty, and staff have access to this licensed database.


Browsing Issues

Access the database:

To browse issues in the Time Archive, you must first enter a search.



After the search results appear on the screen, click on one of the PDF links for an article.



When the PDF opens, notice the browsing panel to the right of the article.  If you click through the pages at the top or through the articles listed, you will be browsing through the particular issue that contains the PDF that is open.



Time Vault

Time Magazine front covers are accessible through the Time Vault, which is available directly from the publisher. Here you can view all magazine covers and identify time periods or issues of interest. The Time Vault requires a personal subscription to access full-text articles.


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