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FSEM: Professor Riggs

Course Guide for Energy & the Environment.

How do we cite?

APA citation basics

Citation Styles

APA Style, 7th ed.

Boretti, A., & Castelletto, S. (2020). Low-Frequency Wind Energy Variability in the Continental Contiguous United States. 
     Energies, 13(1), 144.

Chicago Style, 17th ed.

Boretti, Alberto and Stefania Castelletto. 2020. "Low-Frequency Wind Energy Variability in the Continental Contiguous
     United States." Energies 13 (1): 144. doi: 

CSE Style, 8th ed.

Boretti A, Castelletto S. 2020. Low-frequency wind energy variability in the continental contiguous united states. Energies. 13(1):144.

MLA Style, 8th ed.

Boretti, Alberto, and Stefania Castelletto. "Low-Frequency Wind Energy Variability in the Continental Contiguous
     United States." Energies, vol. 13, no. 1, 2020, pp. 144. doi:

Evaluating sources

Evaluating Information
Questions to ask: 
 • Who is the author and what are their credentials? 
 • When was the information published or created?

 • What is the purpose of the publication or website? 

Follow the link assigned to your group, skim the content, and use Google to search for information to answer the questions above.

Writing Annotations and APA Citations

Writing Annotations
APA Citation Style

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