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A guide to researching psychology related topics.

Using PsycInfo to find empirical research studies

Searching for a specific article

The library has this article, but you will not find it in the PsycInfo databse:

Abedini, M., & Majareh, S. A. (2015). Study of Relationships Among Lifestyle, Health Locus of Control, and Happiness in Students. Basic & Clinical Cancer Research7(4), 9-17.
To find it, start by searching in OneSearch. 
  • Why? One Search brings together metadata (descriptive information) about books, articles, archival collections, films, scores, newspaper articles, magazine articles, CDs, and more from over 10,000 databases.
  • OneSearch will link you to the full-text you can access through our library and it includes information about what other libraries have in their collections.

Connect to OneSearch at the library's website:

Didn't find the article? Here are some tips:

  • Use part of the citation, like the article title, rather than the entire citation.
  • Add one of the author’s last names to the search.

When you find the article, click on View Full Text to read, download, and/or print it.

Finding Empirical Research in PsycInfo

Empirical research is published in books and in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. However, most library databases do not offer straightforward ways to locate empirical research. 

Finding Empirical Research and Studies in PsycINFO

  • Use the "Advanced Search"
  • Type your keywords into the search boxes, as below:

      (Notice there is a drop down menu for Boolean searching.)


  • Under "More Search Options," see "Methodology," and choose "Empirical Study", as below:







  • Choose other limits, such as publication date, if needed
  • Click on the "Search" button

Annotated Bibliographies - what are they and how to write one

Writing a literature review

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.