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Music Performance: Keyboard Instruments: Piano

Information on finding keyboard scores, research on piano music, and more.

1. Finding keyboard scores in the library

The easiest way to find scores in our library is to begin with OneSearch.  Click on the 'Scores' icon, enter keywords, then click on 'Stetson' and the 'search' symbol.  The examples are for piano, but use 'organ' or 'harpischord' for those topics.  

2. Results in OneSearch

Note that the first example links to a digital score from the database Music Online: Classical Scores Library.

3. Detailed description of score


Note that clicking on one of the Subject links will expand your search.  In this case, to select 'Sonatas (Piano) Scores' will include many other composers' works.

Welcome to the keyboard guide!

Check here to find information on keyboard studies, chiefly piano.  The terms 'harpsichord' or 'organ' can be substituted for the word 'piano' in any of the search instructions.

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