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PHYS 243: Modern Physics

This guide was created in September 2017 for Dr. Holley Lynch's students.

Important Links


This survey is intended for you to fill out after a librarian visits your class.


This guide features resources that will be useful for conducting your literature review for the oral presentation in PHYS 243. Please direct any questions to Stetson librarians by calling/texting us at 386-747-9028 or emailing us at


Use these databases to find journal articles on Physics topics:

Use these databases to find journal articles & other sources on ANY topic:

Use these databases to find encyclopedia entries on your topic:

An encyclopedia entry can be a great place to get background information on your topic. It's also useful when you need clarification on some of the vocabulary or concepts that appear in the journal articles you find. It is NOT the same as an academic journal article.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.