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How to Find New Books

This guide helps you browse new books, ebooks, videos, and other materials in the duPont-Ball Library.

Welcome - How to Find the Newest Materials in the duPont-Ball Library

In 2023, the duPont-Ball Library consolidated the New Books display shelves into a smaller space.  This guide provides options for finding the newest physical and electronic resources provided by the library.

3 Ways to Find New Library Resources

1. Look at Monthly New Books List on the library's website.

2. Search the library catalog by publication date and format.

3. Look in Stetson's Overdrive collection.

4.  Browse the New Books shelves.  



See below for more details.




1. Look at Monthly New Books List on the Library's Website

The Library creates a list of books, ebooks, and videos added the previous month.  The New Books list is found in the Announcements area of the Library's homepage.


Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.