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Micro-Learning Research Skills Workshop

This guide is intended for client facing material presented at meetings, poster board sessions, conferences, etc.


Welcome and thank you for visiting our Poster Board at the

2024 Florida Library Association Conference. 

What is Micro-Learning Research Skills Toolkit Workshop?

Micro-Learning: Research Skills Toolkit (Workshop Series) are designed to enhance students’ research skills early in their academic career, thereby empowering them to take on later research challenges. Each session consists of three, 15-minute microlearning opportunities focused on a research concept, skill, and tool. The series of engaging micro learning sessions allows students to learn three different information literacy skills for future research endeavors and to meet Research Librarians. These micro learning sessions are broken down into three groups; Introductory Tools, Advanced Search Techniques, and Citation Management, all of which are based on already existing Libguides. The use of the Libguides complements the session topic and allows librarians to share topic specific information for students’ later use. Registration is encouraged, but drop-ins are also welcome, providing flexibility for student participation. This workshop series can be differentiated based on the needs of the academic library, library staff, and students. For example, our university requires cultural credit for graduation. The workshop series was designed to meet the requirements for a cultural credit event. The event takes place on the main floor of the library. Snacks are provided and content specific giveaways to maximize its impact on students (i.e. Bookmarks - fun and informational side linking them to relevant Libguides for the topics covered each session). ​

What is Microlearning?

Lesson Study Approach

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