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Writing a Literature Review

An overview of literature reviews and how to write one

Literature Reviews vs. Annotated Bibliographies

Literature reviews typically include the following elements:

  • Citations for the referenced materials
  • A discussion of the materials' research purpose, methods, and findings
  • A discussion of how those findings relate to your research
  • A discussion of the differences between cited materials 
  • A discussion of the gaps created by the material referenced and how your research can close those gaps

Literature Reviews synthesize information available on a topic.

Annotated bibliography components:

  • A citation for the information source
  • A summary of the source
  • A reflection on how you think you will use the source in your project

Annotated bibliographies look at individual sources.

Be sure to review your assignment prompt and/or speak to your professor.

What is a Literature Review?

What is a Literature Review?, Joshua Vossler:

This video provides a definition and comprehensive overview of the literature review. Also explains how a literature review differs from an annotated bibliography, in that an annotated bibliography lists and evaluates sources individually, whereas a literature review is a synthesized analysis of sources.

Literature Review overviews and examples

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